Vision/Mission/Core Values

The purpose of AFC India is, “To glorify God by life and ministry as we seek to know Him and to make Him known to the nation.” Out of this flow the vision, mission and core values of the ministry.  The vision is the “what,” the mission is the “how,” and the core values “guide the process.”

Vision – The What

AFCI’s vision is to establish a network of highly effective teams of nationals to accelerate the spread of the Gospel through local churches worldwide.

Mission – The How

AFCI’s mission is accomplished by focusing on revival in the church, evangelism through the church, and training for the church worldwide. This is accomplished primarily through preaching and teaching ministries.

Core Values – The Guiding Principles


  1. Caring – Caring for each other’s spiritual, material, and professional needs in the AFCI worldwide fellowship
  2. Serving – A servant attitude in all relationships
  3. Faith – Ministry done by faith, depending on God’s provision to meet all spiritual and material needs
  4. Accountability – Accountability in all matters
  5. Innovation – Openness to new methods of ministry that meet the needs of the time and culture
  6. Teamwork – Mutual respect and trust expressed by a team approach to ministry
  7. Honesty – Honest and open communication in all relationships

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Vision / Mission
Statement of Faith


Teams of Nationals Accelerating the Spread of the Gospel Through Local Churches Nationwide

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